Speech production

  • audio book production

  • voice-over for TV, image movies, advertisements

  • TV & radio commercials, pod casts, internet

  • telephone information services, demo tapes for speakers

  • speakers' archives registered with professional speakers

  • speakers' agency – music production

  • Musicproduction

  • vocal and speech recording

  • dubbing

  • production of demo tapes for bands & soloists

  • recording of concerts and other live events

  • Post production

  • cutting & editing of audio files

  • music compilation for road shows, fashion shows, galas, theatre plays,
    cabaret performances

  • music editing for performers and dancers

  • audio restoration (denoising, declicking etc.)

  • sound optimizing

  • premastering (using ISRC codes)

  • mastering

  • mixing (import/export via OMF/AFF or file transfer is possible)

  • convertions of formats, e.g. WAVE; AIFF; MP3 etc.

  • audio dubbing

  • digitalizing / dubbing of audio tapes, records, minidisks,
    compact cassettes and Dictaphones

  • audio restoration, noise removing, crackle removing, click removing etc.,
    sound refreshing